What are the Top Mobile UI Design Trends for 2017?

Every year, design trends for mobile devices are going on changing. Users are moving to faster, easier and better mobile devices that require better and faster mobile apps. Naturally, designers are continuously trying to create UIs that ensure highly comfortable and intuitive user experience that has not been seen up to now.

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Until very recently, the world of web designers was dominated by static, closed and symmetric compositions. 2016 saw many websites breaking away from the trend.

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The year 2016 is upon us and a few months have already gone by. 2015 saw the coming of quite a few trends in the domain of web development, and more are sure to come in 2016.

Top 17 Graphic Design Trends of 2016

While trends in graphic design tend to come and go, some of them manage to stay on for quite a few years and make significant impact – often giving rise to spin-offs.

The Role of Psychology in Web Designing

The act of “seeing” and “feeling” happens simultaneously! This is what web designers need to know today when designing a website.