We are going to step into the second decade of the millennia and this time is highly important as it is now when we are witnessing tremendous inclination towards the digital world. With such strong inclination, it is evident that there will be extra pressure for making the digital world attractive and at the same time super functional. Web designing is such a niche that is entitled to create the first look of a website along with the functionality factor in mind. Website designing has seen several trends in the past and in the days to come there will be many more. The world is now extremely engrossed with mobile application-oriented websites and keeping that affinity in mind the web designers are pushing themselves hard to create such designs which will be successful in mobile instruments as well as traditional desktop or laptops. Keeping the basic requirements in mind, the designers are creating several patterns and themes of which some will turn out to be successful while some will not be appreciated. Having studied the likes and dislikes of users around the world and how they have reacted to a certain web design pattern, we have chalked out a trend list that might win the hearts in the coming year. So, here are some web design trends that might rock the web world in 2020:


The 2020 is perhaps going to be the one where one can complement boldness with simplicity. Though these two qualities stand miles apart, we believe 2020 is going to witness the connection between the two through the platform of web designing. Boldness of colour is surely going to rock when complemented with simple designs. The essence of bold and vibrant colours will definitely create unmatched attraction for the website and at the same time it will speak for the brands’ boldness in catering to the needs of their consumers. This trick of using bold colours will ensure that the website stands out from the crowd. As people in general are now using high quality smart phones, it is for sure that the image quality in those devices will make the use of bold colour schemes more attractive and thus; successful. When bold colours will be compared with simple designs, it will be certainly soothing and attracting at the same time. An elaborate design with bold colours may seem to be too heavy for visual comfort and so a simple design in bold colours will be the perfect solution to make the website design stand out in the crowd.


Videos had already been the big and successful trend since 2017 and that is not over yet. But there are some alterations in the forms. Noticing the trouble faced by users when it takes too much time to load the good quality videos, web designers have been thinking of some alternatives that will keep the essence of motion pictures but exempt the viewer from waiting the same to load. With the target in mind, the designers dedicated their knowledge and creativity to bring in the animation videos or GIFs. These creations are of super high quality when compared to motion pictures and as they are created with great precision, they have better acceptability. When motion pictures take so much time to load, the animations are easy and fast along with the factor that they are often more attractive. It is thus evident that 2020 is going to witness immense development in animation videos being incorporated in websites. This is sure to rock the design trends this year and perhaps many more to come.


Majority of the website designs are based on grids where orderly bland fields were somewhat like obsessions of the designers. It is not that the coming year will reject the symmetrical grid pattern but there will be strong inclination towards asymmetric designs. Asymmetrical structures are already receiving appraisal from various businesses as it is the design format that is reflecting individuality, brutalism along with unbalanced fun and enthusiasm. These are the qualities of business houses these days and when they find reflection of their business principles in the designs of their web pages, the design pattern is sure to succeed.


Gone are the days when ‘beating your own drum’ was considered to be a sign of substandard attitudes. It is the time when you have to make your presence known by not just beating your own drum, but roaring out loud. You have to make your presence known to your audience with a band and this is what your website should do as well. So, how can you make your website shout out loud? Designers around the globe are in favour of being loud and proud about announcing your presence in the digital world and that can be done with ease through typography. Using big, bold and custom fonts can be the easiest and sure-to-succeed trick to grab the audience this year.
We talked about just the primary web design trends that might rock the web world in 2020. We are continuing our research in finding out more attractive trends on web designing. Hoping to let you know more on this in the days to come. Till then, stay tuned with us as in Web Hub Solution, we are determined to bring the best web designing and developing solutions along with related knowledge.

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Web designing service has become indispensible due to the rapid growth of business over the internet. Modern tech savvy people are interested in finding out everything they need over the internet rather than manual searching process. It is not just the shopping portals that are gaining popularity but the current trend reflects overall inclination towards the web world. May it be buying something or gathering information, we all prefer to take the aid of websites over anything other medium. This increasing inclination towards web world has resulted in increased demand for web designing services. As people now want to view and verify everything through the internet, it has become necessary for every single business to have its own website; neglecting which is sure to cause the downfall of the same. This is the basic reason why business owners prefer hiring professional web designers over amateur ones. Professional web designers are well aware of the factors responsible for the success of a website and they work accordingly. Now, it is the question whether web designing is the ultimate thing for success? To discuss this issue it must be remembered that designing is primarily work of art which really does not have much impact when a particular website is looking for its status in the web world. It is the content embedded in the website that becomes the primary determinant while search engines rate a website. This is the point where the factor of SEO optimisation comes into the scene. It is needless to mention what SEO is as the readers of this article are well aware of it. Let us just concentrate on the matter that SEO and web designing are complimentary to each other.
So, we were talking about how SEO and web designing go hand in hand. The very precise answer to the question HOW are these to linked is that strong SEO is the factor that is going to bring new customers to a site and then the dice is transferred to the hands of designing that will help keeping the new customers interested in that particular website. It is thus extremely important to ensure the strength of SEO before going for the designing part. But this does never mean that designing can be ignored as new customers can deflect to other sites if the design of a particular site is not attractive or functional enough. We will now dig deeper into the matter and know the basic things of the entire thing.

Web Crawlers –how they actually work?

Search engines use web crawlers to ‘crawl’ the internet, i.e. they try to find out relevant websites that are capable of providing solutions to what people are searching for. If a website is designed well and has what is being searched by users, the search engine will reward the website with higher rank. A well designed website gets reward of increased free-traffic just because of the good design as the search engines crawlers believe a good design has to be accompanied with good solution for users’ queries. Now, at this point you might think that it is primarily the job of the web designing team to bring in new customers and right at this point you may start thinking we are actually contradicting what we said in the beginning lines. Dear reader, have the patience to know exactly how the web crawlers read a website. Though internet users presently prefer images over text, the web crawlers still read a website through text only! This is where SEO comes in with its dice. It is for this reason that a business has to ensure that the main pages as well as internal links are well organized and easily readable by the users.
If a business plans to invest in high quality web design and later they realize that making the site SEO optimized is becoming indispensible, they will have only one left – i.e. to reinvest in making SEO optimization and re-designing the web pages to fit in the newly created content. Will it thus not be wise to keep the SEO strong right from the beginning and then fitting them into the desired design? And, how can a business owner ensure that these two primary factors work hand in hand before the final website comes into existence? The simple answer to this is to find out the professionals who have the strength of handling both issues with expertise. Most of the web development and designing agencies are well aware of the necessities and they build their workforce accordingly. A reputed web designing company does not comprise of expert designers only. They have skilful SEO persons who can research the web world and find out which content is going to rock along with the ability to create rich content.
Web Hub Solution is one such name in web designing and development arena that is known for the all-round service they provide. Having extremely skilful designers along with experienced SEO experts and top level content builders, Web Hub Solution is the place where every solution for making a website successful is available.
We hope we have made it pretty clear to our readers why the two factors of SEO optimization and designing cannot be treated separately. It is hoped as well that this discussion will prove to be helpful to all of you. We are looking forward to bring up more interesting discussions in the coming days.

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Web Design Trends in 2017 That You Can’t Afford to Miss Out!

Web Design Trends in 2017 That You Can’t Afford to Miss Out!

Until very recently, the world of web designers was dominated by static, closed and symmetric compositions. 2016 saw many websites breaking away from the trend. 2017 is expected to see more positive attempts being made in this domain. Websites will see a distribution of elements in a new way. Find out about some of the upcoming web design trends for 2017.

Rich Typography

Until recently, the entire internet was dominated by simple neo-grotesque styles such as Helvetica, Roboto, Lato and Open Sans. 2017 will see a wide range of typefaces coming back into use, such as serif typefaces being used with non-serif typefaces for contrasts. In websites, Typography is seeing a lot of changes. Texts are being broken into animations; individual letters, varied effects and images, and designers are placing videos on them. More brave experimentations can have an impact on expanding diversity, when it comes to web typography.

The year 2016 saw the rule of symmetry being broken, and this has dominated the industry for many years. Many designers have developed asymmetric layouts not balanced perfectly on the right and left sides.

More Diversity

Designers have developed compositions that are more dynamic and come with more numbers of intersecting diagonal lines or those based on more organic or complex shapes.

Apparent Chaos

From 2016, while projects were being analyzed, it became prominent that chaos is just apparent. Still, layouts are based on classically contrasting sizes, textures, colors, forms etc. All that has changed is the location of various elements as well as balancing the dependency between these. At present, items like paragraphs, icons or headers are more frequently deployed. Although these are a section of a single theme block, these tend to be split apart and are kept at a sufficient distance from each other. These have varied paddings and these are not aligned to any of the edges of the container.

Richer Patterns and Background

There are increasingly more numbers of patterns and backgrounds being used in the domain of web design, such as dot, small dashes or stripes. The grid pattern is particularly common, and it is treated like a frame for other sections of the layout. Such kinds of elements are moved on a grid over the parallax principle and are often organized in a chaotic way.


The year 2016 saw the rule of symmetry being broken, and this has dominated the industry for many years. Many designers have developed asymmetric layouts not balanced perfectly on the right and left sides.

More Diversity

Designers have developed compositions that are more dynamic and come with more numbers of intersecting diagonal lines or those based on more organic or complex shapes.

Decorative Details

The approach to details has also recently undergone a change. This is a slow departure from the raw, minimalistic Form Follow Function. These come with numerous other elements that only come with decorative purposes. Separators and Underscores are being shifted. Buttons are being created less often. Some websites have them designed as shifted, soft dashes while others have button style in the form of amazing hovers.

Grid Pattern

This type of pattern does not make use of characteristic movements. When used in a few websites, it comes with an extremely specific purpose – and can make the movement of every element logical. It lets rationalizing of unconventional decisions and offers solutions to questions. It develops a sense of rhythm and justifies its violations at the same time.

Use of Animations Between Different Sections

It is not new to use animations on websites. Animations are rich, and this quality helps in eliminating the strict division of pages into sections. At the time of scrolling, a website changes smoothly. Content appears and disappears with soft animation. Designers are investing more thought into the sequences of animation transitions. These are not simply random effects between content blocks, but staged narratives in which every element comes at a scheduled time. Ever since the time they have been created, animations are parts of websites and not a detail that is added casually.

Exciting animations serve to enrich basic layouts. These provide web pages with new value and a touch of uniqueness. These create a smooth and beautiful structure on various websites, and are an essence of many web projects.

Monospaced Typefaces

2017 is expected to witness a use of proportional typefaces that are generally related with typewriters. These can be observed on various websites.

Serif Typefaces

Using serif typefaces in signatures or paragraphs as well as in large headlines is extremely common. Those with larger decorative value, especially, are used often. Didot or Bodoniare other typefaces that are extremely popular.

Geometric Typefaces

Sans serif geometric typefaces are becoming increasingly popular. For example, those like Montserrat and Poppins that are being found in the Google Library and the classics like Proxima Nova, ITC Avant Garde and Futura, are getting more distinctive as compared to the neo-grotesque, invisible ones. A thicker weight is used to achieve an expressive and aggressive character.

Contrasting Pairing of Typefaces

Harmonious, soft typeface pairing will be put away for stronger contrast. Reinforcing of expressive combinations is being done for a high contrast between text sizes. Decorative, large serif typefaces would be blended with basic geometric typefaces, just like A Serif typefaces were paired in paragraphs with geometric fonts.

Larger Letter Sizes in Paragraphs

2017 will also see the use of letters of larger sizes in paragraphs. In the last few years, 10px typefaces were more common and many print designers used this technique. However, 14px typefaces are going to be the used more in the coming days, to ensure a more readable size. Larger typefaces are particularly popular where the use of Serif typefaces is concerned.

Dimmer Tones

Varied colors were used by designers in 2016. However, 2017 will see a subtle propensity to move towards dimmer tones. Websites in fully white tones are getting less popular, with designers preferring to use gradations of patterns, gray or textures. These days, it is becoming commoner to develop darker sites, where the background is filled by dark or black gradation. However, sometimes these can create a little bizarre and gloomy ambience. Although it is difficult to expect that the use of diverse colors will go away in 2017, dimmer tones will come up more.