Just like every other industry, film industry too is experiencing the benefits and indispensability of digital marketing policies. While making a film, a separate team has to be formed that takes care of the marketing policies and activities. This marketing team gives massive efforts to find out the most effective marketing strategies to ensure that audience queue up to buy the tickets. The marketing teams working for the film industry is always busy in finding out new and advanced marketing methods for the promotion of movies and they have started using the digital platform for the best results. Digital marketing in film industry is the in thing and the marketing experts of the industry are extremely eager to make the most out of the current trend of popularity of social media.
Talking about the popularity of social media and what benefits the film industry can gain from it needs mentioning that majority of the people using social media are inclined to get interested in things that they find in the media platforms they follow on a regular basis. This implies promotion of films through Facebook, twitter or instagram is sure to create huge interest about an upcoming film much before the trailers are released in theatres. Experts are of the view that social media marketing (read digital marketing) can help in getting the audience involved with the film and thus drag them to the movie theatres. This dragging is not obviously against their will, but truly out of interest and liking for the film that they have developed after watching various promotional activities of the film on social platforms.
Another thing to consider while choosing digital marketing for your film is the cost effectiveness. The entire digital marketing policy is based on minimum cost factor and it sometimes leave the film producers awestruck to find how cost effective the entire digital marketing project can be. It is true that big budget films do not bother much about cost of marketing, but not all films have big budgets and as we are talking about the entire industry all types of films are to be taken into consideration. For the ones who are running on tight or medium budget, the good news is that digital marketing is very affordable and can be done with perfection with the help of organizations who are experts in the matter. There are several digital marketing agencies that work on freelance basis and assist in complete marketing activities of a film. The most interesting thing to mention about digital marketing of films is that this is the only marketing strategy that can be measured with ease using the performance related metrics. For instance, the Super buster film Baahubali had a fan base of more than 4.2 million on Facebook much before the release of the film. It is known to all how grand business this particular film did and none can deny the impact of social media marketing policies used for the film. The simple funny question of ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali’ created havoc interest among the fans and the social media was truly flooded with mimes and fan theories related to the matter. The digital marketing team was sure about the success of the film much before the release as the performance related metrics gave them a clear view of the future.
We were talking why digital marketing has become indispensible for the film industry and it must be noted here that the busy life style of people these days prevent them from visiting theatres every now and then. People come to movie theatres only when they are truly interested about the film. This means trailers of an upcoming film shown in theatres can no longer be the helpful method to tell people about the next interesting movie. Sitting in front of the television is out of trend for the younger generation. The prefer spending time on the social platforms. This is the clear indication that you need to concentrate on digital marketing of your film over every other option.
Digital marketing through activities like sharing the press conference videos on YouTube can create huge hype for the film. There are several other activities like contests related to the upcoming movie, disclosing the videos of the making of the film and even information regarding the outfits and locations of shooting generate huge interest among the audience. Most important factor here is the connection of the cast and crew with the audience. Celebrity actors often use their own twitter, instagram or Facebook profiles for the publicity of their upcoming films. This creates higher interest among fans and general audience as it will hard to find people who can avoid the chance of peeping into the real life happenings of the people of our beloved Tinsel town.
Digital marketing of films have become important and indispensible and you need true professionals to create the best marketing strategy for your film. Web Hub Solution is one such organization that is experienced in the business and can provide you with the best strategies and services for the promotion of your film.

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We are going through the final chapter of the decade in which internet has seen so many innovations and change of trends. Introduction of AR, AI, VR, AMP and most importantly mobile app oriented websites have seen great days already. Some design trends for websites have made tremendous impact while there are some which have failed to gain the desired popularity. Here we are to let you know about the most promising web design trends which we believe will rock the web design world in 2019.

1. The Black-and-white scheme:

Colour is the most important factor while designing a web page. Vibrant colours surely make a page interesting and it is the wise use of colours that create long lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. Colour factor has to be kept in mind as the primary one as it cultivates the mood of the viewer and at the same time unifies a brand and then guides the users through an interface by the creation of visual landmarks. Keeping the said important things in mind, we believe black-and-white is going to be the rocking colour choice for web design this year. This perfectly contrasting colour combination will create huge impact on viewers by making it easy to concentrate on textures and patterns. A touch of vibrant colours here and there will help to break the monotone of black-and-white scheme and will also make it easy for the designer to highlight the most important parts of the web pages.

2.Natural and organic shapes:

Systemic grids have been typically set up for web page designing. But it is being seen that designers these days are inclined towards natural and organic shapes to make the web pages more attractive. Geometric structures with well-defined edges surely make a page more sensible, but bringing an earthly tone with asymmetrical lines and waves are becoming popular among designers. The organic shapes are able to provide depth to a web page design simply because of their imperfection and asymmetrical nature. Being based on nature these shapes are capable of capturing the spontaneity of carelessly-careful artistic view.

3.The Retro Glitch Art:

We believe the retro glitch art is going to make a huge come-back this year. The distorted and mostly unintentionally created striking images will make sure that certain emotional requirements of the viewers are fulfilled through the web designs. Our assumptions say that the glitch art will increase the feeling of disorientation which modern world is going through these days and at the same time will provide the web site with a distinct and psychedelic look.

4.Macro-interactions on the web pages:

Any sort of interaction facility is the USP of a web site and when it comes to macro-interactions, all we can say is that this design trend is going to be the most useful one in 2019. You must have already seen the notifications (little red lettered numbers) on your Facebook account as soon as you open your page, or the ping sound which you get after refreshing your twitter page. These are the micro-interactions we are talking about and being a user of the mentioned (popular obviously) web pages you already know how much you like them. Web designers are now interested in making more use of these micro-interactions for all types of web sites (and not just the popular social networking sites) so that the target audience of a certain web pages can get engaged with the brand (or company) with ease.

5.The evolution of chatbots:

Chatbots have been changing a lot since its introduction and this year we are sure this niche of web design will see more evolution. They will become more colourful and attractive. Vibrant and fluorescent colours with contrast colour schemes will perhaps hit the favourite mark for the designers.

6.More and more videos:

This trend is the most important to keep in mind as it is the Google policy that is going to make it matter for web pages. It goes without question that videos are always popular as compared to text and recently Google has decided to display mixed search page results where the video content will show above the standard web pages. This is the reason why all professional web designers will ensure inclusion of more videos in their web pages so that the purpose of their clients is rightly served.

7.Minimum design for maximum attraction:

Minimalism has always been the ideal way to attract audience and this is for the ones who care more for aesthetic effect in their web pages. Minimum design (means less colours, patterns and text) in a web page will ensure more white space in the web site and this will in turn enable the user to find out the necessary things easily. It can thus be predicted that minimalism, though an age old concept in web page designing, will continue to remain in trend this year as well.

8.Navigation that is thumb friendly:

This trend is basically the necessity of present time. We have stepped into the era of mobile based sites and browsing through a desktop or laptop device is highly old-fashioned. This implies the web designers have to make the designs in such a way that everything can be easily navigated by the thumb. This will surely need precision in designing abilities, but this is the one thing that designers really need to master this year.
Now, you have gone through some of the trends we believe can rock the web designing world. Hope the professionals will surprise us with more innovative and interesting trends which we can talk about later.

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What is the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Predictions for 2016?

What is the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Predictions for 2016?

The first 6 months of year 2016 have already passed, and some interesting changes in the dynamics of social media have been witnessed already – whether it comes to the use of vertical videos in commercial advertisements by SnapChat or the big change in newsfeed algorithm from Instagram. The next 6 months are expected to be more exciting and there is already a lot of speculation among social media marketers about the kind of changes that will be witnessed. The following are some of the changes which are predicted by SMM professionals before the end of 2016.

More live videos

These days, most of the apps are able to stream live content, whether it comes to Facebook Live with integrated features or individual apps such as Periscope. But the features have not yet received the kind of popularity that the mainstream features of the programs have got, although users are interested enough in them. Social Media Marketing experts believe that Live Video features will witness more acceptances by the end of 2016 and more individual users will start using them. However, these will be used more by organizations and companies given the fact that more entrepreneurs and advertisers have already begun to sense some potential in this feature.

More experimentation with in-app content

For over a year, instant articles are being offered by Facebook in its content platform which is self-integrated. However, the results have been mixed so far. Google has also been trying to get “deep content” within apps as well as social media content indexed in its search engine results. With social platforms trying to shift more content to their individual apps and more content being made available to users by Google, it can be expected that in-app content is likely to be subjected to more experimentation. There will be more attempts at providing in-app content with higher visibility to users. But the exact scenario is difficult to predict as of now.

Increase of private messaging apps

Private messaging apps like Snapchat have seen a huge growth in the first few years of release in the market, and some thanks may go to the rising privacy concerns for users. Messages tend to last only for a small time on the platforms. Although there has been some relaxing of the rules, messaging apps are still viewed as more private type of social app existing in the market at present. With a rise in user privacy concerns in social apps as well as anti-trust changes leveled at Google, it can be expected that developers will fall over each other to woo users with more private messaging apps and assure them that their information will be used in a more responsible manner.

Increased marketing focus on LinkedIn and Pinterest

A study conducted by Buffer has established that social sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest are slightly ignored where SMM campaigns are concerned. The users of LinkedIn are somewhat withdrawn from Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites but the site enjoys wide popularity and usage. A study conducted by Shopify has revealed that 87% of users of Pinterest had bought at least one of product on the site and brands have witnessed higher user engagement and steady growth by posting ads multiple times every day on Pinterest. It is expected that marketing campaigns specially tailored for LinkedIn and Pinterest users will be considered more by the time 2016 comes to an end.

More unique visual content

With Instagram enjoying higher popularity, it is clearly being understood how visual content is scoring more with the average user. Videos and images are becoming more popular and written messages and written content are not ‘hot” anymore. However, simply offering visual content through social platforms is not enough; this is already being done by any social app. Most of the social apps have similar features such as live-streaming filters and video. Unique visual content is what will be liked by users more and more. Apps will try to look for best ways to offer one-of-a-kind visual content formats.

Greater acceptance for social commerce

In 2015, Pinterest gave birth to a new revolution with its “buyable pins” which are originally being viewed as “social hybrid” – a unique mix of eCommerce functionality and social media. It became very popular with lots of users resting their purchase decisions on Pinterest. However, other big names in social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook have not yet offered such an interesting combination – which can be attributed to concerns over user dislikes. But as marketing gets more advanced and targeted and users get accustomed to the idea of purchasing items over social sites, it can be expected that other social giants will follow the Pinterest model and come out with their own stuff by 2016-end.

Increased development of platform customization options

Social media might be about connection and communication of users with each other, but it has to be admitted that these actually cater to each user on an individual basis. These apps personalize the experiences and newsfeeds to retain them and this is the main reason why newsfeeds are constantly updated in social apps. Social Media Marketing experts believe that users will see greater customization options by the time 2016 ends, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. From app display preferences to new manner of sorting algorithms, much more will be customized.

Newsfeed algorithms will get similar

The similarity of newsfeed algorithms is already being seen in the first 6 months of 2016. In February a new update was launched by Twitter which sorts the time-based post listings of the site into a particular order which is determined by relevancy that is sensed. Sometime soon after this update, Instagram followed this model with an almost similar update. Just like search engines have begun to offer similar type of search results on the basis of the amazing results of Google, the majority of social apps are gradually moving towards the similar newsfeed algorithm based on relevancy, slightly inspired by the Facebook update. It is expected that apps will begin to resemble each other more and more as the year draws to a close, as far as newsfeed algorithm is concerned.