Your business logo is the brand ambassador of your business. To ensure the success of your brand you need to have a good (better to say ‘great’) logo. The business logo is the primary aspect of your company’s promotion just because it is something that you can call the ‘face’ of your brand that will result in building your brand around. It must be kept in mind that human brain can process images faster than words and it is thus clear that your logo will have deeper impact on the minds of your target audience faster as compared to written content. Based on this simple fact it is of utmost importance to have a great logo for your business that will not only make your company stand out from others but will also help you in several other ways as far as marketing and promotion of your company is concerned. To discuss why your company needs a great logo we must talk about some of the basic facts regarding the matter.

Professionalism is the primary aspect that is reflected by a logo. No matter what your product is, it is important to have a specific identity of your business. A logo is the thing that can create a precise image of your business. It may be as simple as your company name written in a particular font or colour scheme, but you need to have it just to ensure your business name gets its own personal identification. This will enable your target customers relate to your business whenever they see the logo.

Making your brand popular is one of the most important tasks for you to help your business grow. When you have your logo printed on merchandise (may be as simple as a pen or a key chain) you can reach your customers with ease and in the most cost effective way.

Talking about cost effectiveness – it must be kept in mind that buying space for brand promotion is pretty costly and it is thus really expensive to buy huge display space. Think about it in a different way – if you have a great logo that is attractive, you can easily do the publicity with minimum space. You can even think of affording advertisement at a real large event and make your brand reach the mass with ease.

Promotion of your brand becomes easy when you have a well-designed logo. One that portrays your business type can become popular among mass when they are visible everywhere. These days digital promotion of business it most popular and it is thus easy to reach customers from every strata of the society through the social media. When you have a logo that represents your business through the most effective design, you can be sure that your customers will notice them.

You can win the race of acquiring brand loyalty with a great logo. It is obvious that your product or services has to be good in order to gain the confidence of target customers. When you have ensured that, your brand logo will become a known thing to them and they will remain loyal to your business when and wherever they see it. Experts are of the view that brand loyalty can be best achieved with the help of your business logo.
Another aspect of this discussion about logo must be about what you should do to know which can be the great logo for your company. Experts will surely tell you every aspect in detail, but here we will talk about the crude basics.

You have to make sure to have the most attractive design as it is the basic pillar of success of a logo. As mentioned earlier, a good logo can be as simple as your company name written in a particular font and colour scheme. All you need to ensure is that your logo represents your business in the best possible way. It is advised by experts to make the logo as simple as possible as complicated designs cannot be displayed with perfection through every mode of display. The finely designed logo that will look great in a huge bill board will surely look clumsy when displayed on digital medium.

Make sure not to go for too simple ones either. Big and hugely established brands (think about NIKE or PUMA) can afford this trick as they are already set in the business and have a huge customer base, but you have to let your customers know what you do through the logo. It is more like the pictorial representation of your business that will let the customers about you. It is thus advised to hire expert professionals to do the logo designing job as they have the required expertise to understand what your business and its target audience may need.

We at Web Hub Solution work with precision as far as the matter of creation of logo is concerned. Our team of designing experts make use of their experience and creativity to find out which design will best suite your business. Having successfully created several logos for well-known companies, we are here to serve you with our efficiency and that too in the most cost effective way.

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Web development is the most happening business branch in the digital world. Truly speaking it is very similar to the iron and steel industries when the IT industry is taken into consideration. A website is the face of any business in the digital world and to make the face attractive and functioning, all you need is proper web development services.

Before you choose the perfect web development service provider to create your web site, it is important to know what are the things to look for from certain service provider and why the web development service is indispensable. We are here to discuss about some of the less talked issues while deciding why the web development service is necessary.

A web page will define your business and it is thus needless to say that you need a real attractive home page. Any reputed web development service provider will surely provide you with great looking web pages, but you need to know that this is not all your business will need. Just good looks will not play the trick in making your business successful. You will need to take care of several other issues to reach success and this is where a good web development service provider will come to your aid.

Web development is not just about creating a great web site for once and all. A web site will need continuous nurturing and modifications according to the changes in market and your business. Your service provider must be eligible for providing this type of continuous service so that your web site remains updated. The current trend of digital business shows that there is enormous growth in mobile application based websites and you must keep this factor in mind while selecting the service provider for your business. Not all web development service providers are efficient in mobile application based projects and this implies you must be extremely careful in choosing the right one.

Now comes the question of being functional. The face of your business (i.e. your home page) must not be a mannequin. It needs to be properly working and well designed for interaction between you and your target customers (or audience if you prefer). Unless your website has a proper space for interaction, your customers will lose interest in your products and business. Proper interaction does not only mean a window to chat or something like that. It means there must be enough scope in your web site for regular update regarding your business. It is the responsibility of the web development service provider to make such a design with easy methods so that you can do the alterations and additions without mush hassle. In case you are not comfortable in doing these things all by yourself, you can go for such schemes where your service provider will do the alterations in a regular basis.

Obviously, the cost will be a bit higher, but that makes sense as far as the success of your business is concerned.
You may start wondering why a business should need to spend money in web development on a regular basis. Won’t you keep your shop well decorated and functional if that was your business space? In the digital sphere, your web page is your shop (read office if that suits your business) and you need to allot some money for its thorough maintenance. It is suggested not to go for the cheaper ones as compromising with the quality of service will lead you towards failure for sure. It won’t be hard to find instances where a business failed just because the web site was not up to the mark. The good news is that, the business of web development services has become so competitive that great quality services are now available at affordable prices. Domain names have become cheaper and so are the other related services related with web development.

While choosing the right web development service provider for your business, make sure to research thoroughly about the companies. Check their authenticity and capabilities. The reviews by previous customers of the service providers will testify about their efficiency. Interact freely and talk about your exact requirements with the concerned persons in the company and make sure that they understand your business and its requirements. Feel free to let your service provider know if you have any weakness in understanding the strategies used in digital business as they will help you to understand them if necessary.

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What Is in and Out in Digital Marketing for 2017?

What Is in and Out in Digital Marketing for 2017?

The landscape of Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Every year, there are some new additions and removals from the domain. Trends that are popular today might not be so a few years from now. If you wish to maintain your competitive edge, you have to be adaptive to the newest trends that have an impact on the direction of the industry. A number of marketing trends have made their mark in 2016. A few of them have been game changers and are likely to be impactful even in 2017, while some other trends are likely to arise as trailblazers. Find out about some of the probable ins and outs in digital marketing for 2017.

More of Video-Based Content

The role of video content has been on the rise in online marketing for the past several years. However, it is likely to be really leading the charge this year. There are startups such as Pokémon Go and even big names such as Reebok that are showing how videos are one of the best types of content when it comes to engaging viewers.

The Acceptance of Live Streaming

When it comes to videos, mention must also be made of Live Streaming that has gained much ground in 2016. For the first time ever, the presidential debate in the U.S was streamed live to a worldwide audience. 2017 is expected to witness a continued growth of live streaming apps and platforms, and marketers will get lots of options to engage their online target audience in real time.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Pokémon Go seems to be waning just as well as it burst into the scene. However, its initial success was a wake-up call to marketers that the Augmented Reality technology is here to stay. For instance, Face Tips from Facebook used GPS data amazingly well to display relevant content that attracts and engages the attention of the audience. It is expected that companies will use more ads, games and content promotions enabled with AR technology in 2017.

Internet of Things (IoT) Marketing Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most vital marketing technology applications to have entered in the past couple of years or so. However, its relevance is the greatest to retailers and device makers. Naturally, it ranks quite high in the list of priorities. As many as 75 million devices are expected to be connected by 2020, which means that there will be 10 times as many mobile devices available to talk to each other. This has significant and far ranging implications. All the data sharing will change the way lives are led, and this will start from 2017.


Wearable devices are one of the most popular commodities in the consumer consumable market, and these include augmented reality, activity trackers, Apple Watch etc that are making their presences felt slowly but surely.

SMM Including Social Customer Care and Social CRM

The year 2017 will see Social Media Marketing (SMM) including Social Customer Care and Social CRM in a bigger way. There is immense interest among marketers in social media, due to its wide reach and the presence of various options to encourage ‘social media amplification’ and engage audiences.

Although overall social media usage is showing continued growth, some social networking websites are becoming less popular in some nations. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are facing a plateau or are on a decline in many of the western marketers whereas Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are still enjoying growing use.

In Social Media Marketing, trends are often regulated by the attempts of the social networking platforms for monetization. This has been witnessed in Instagram and Facebook, especially in making changes so that businesses now require ‘pay to play’ in order to gain the reach that is necessary for making an impact. These will go on making innovations in their remarketing and targeting options.

Big Data

Big Data marketing applications involve customer and market insight as well as predictive analytics. It is a prime trend that is chosen by many marketers who have witnessed a rise in data formats, volume and real-time data in their business and wish to exploit the value for boosting sales through email marketing with the aid of predictive analytics and the use of personalization on their websites. This is closely associated with machine learning in which Big Data is mined for distinguishing the tendency to convert established customer behavior and characteristics.

Influencer Marketing as a Basic Brand Strategy

Influencer Marketing is now recognized by a lot of brands as the popular “go-to” strategy of the industry. However, brand marketers often struggle on how to leverage it in the best way and measuring it from the angle of attribution modeling and business results. 2017 is likely to witness influencers digging in as prominent voices in the domain of consumer marketing, as companies try to regulate advertising and turn to ardent brand advocates to attract customers and turn them into leads on social media.

A.I. Solutions

Artificial Intelligence has been in for some time, but experts believe that 2017 will be the watershed year when artificial intelligence will start lending more help to everyday people. Data analytics and start-up brands identify applicable A.I. solutions as a perfect way for customers to find their way through a growingly complex world. A.I is on its way to becoming big. It will be there in cutting edge electronics applications as well as in pinpoint analytics that will predict the needs of customers as they originate.

Bowing out of Intrusive Marketing

Customers are resenting banner ads, pop-up ads and other disruptive brand messages while surfing the web and browsing for information. These days, customers do not want to be aggressively pushed by brands through their social media feeds on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms through paid-for stories or promoted tweets or pins. Customers are slowly walking away from social sites that swamp them with brand marketing messages. 2017 is set to see obtrusive ads falling out of favor. Only ads that are fast, relevant and smart will be popular.

Mobile App Trends 2017: Let’s Find Out How Hot It Can Get!

Mobile App Trends 2017: Let’s Find Out How Hot It Can Get!

The year 2017 has come, and it brings a wide range of new trends in mobile technology. 2017 looks very exciting for the mobile marketing industry and mobile apps. Mobile technology is enjoying a fast pace of advancement, and this has become extremely common that the technology is becoming more and more easy. The technology is becoming very simple, and it is being invited into the everyday life of people. Read on to know about some of the mobile app trends already existing and continue to rock in 2017, or is going to be expected to come up.

Hybrid App Development

The technique is developing fast in the sector of mobile app development, and is enjoying multiple rounds. If a chance is given, you will be attracted by the seemingly endless number of features that Hybrid App Development comes with. It can save money and used in multiple types of operating systems. It is enjoying a boom in the needs for fast app development.

Most developers like the native style of mobile app development. Still, the need for Hybrid apps is significantly increasing on the side of consumers. HTML5 apps, on the other hand, do not face competitions – and this makes it a more reasonable option. Although native apps are traditional, these are needed for the best user performance.

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality or Virtual reality has its own position in the zone of mobile gaming. Consider the Pokémon Go that released in 2016, and has become viral and ubiquitous since it was launched. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence is a slow technology but it is gaining ground in the mobile sector. Companies such as IBM, Google and Facebook are trying to incorporate the technology for making history. The coming of artificial intelligence has made algorithms more competitive and complex.

iBeacon Apps

The main purpose of using beacon with integrated GPS technology is to obscure the difference between offline and online. 2016 has seen the new offline mode being announced by YouTube. Devices that use iOS had the iBeacon technology already. At present, Android is also going into such territories. iBeacon technology that comes with Geo-location information is being improved to display appropriate details for each retail enterprise.

Technologies that are location-based allow tracking the proper location that offers important information required by users. These are very popular for travel and retail sectors. This feature is used by companies such as Uber.

Consumer Apps & Ensuring Security

Complex developments, challenging designs of mobile apps and robust engineering go into the creation of Enterprise apps. Heavy graphics and plenty of efforts are used to prevent the hacking of the apps.
The world has been changed and revolutionized by such applications, and security threats are natural. Mobile phones are extremely personal devices, and it is important to ensure security.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cloud is the solution to each app that comes with heavy functions and graphics. These are fast and can easily be created, given that the majority of them are secure. There has been a huge growth in the usage of multiple devices linked to mobile phones. The aim is to introduce and sync mobile apps to more than one device. Naturally, the cloud approach can help wearable technology as well as technologies such as AI and IoT for varied functionalities.

Prioritized Navigation

Mobile apps have to be clean to use as well as efficient. Complex navigation generally makes users uninstall a mobile app, which leads to a high bounce rate. The success of these apps can be blocked by unfriendly navigation. All such features and styles are restricted to their own space and come with benefits to better the overall user experience. However, the mobile technology has further advanced to be collaborated with numerous other devices and technologies. With evolving technologies, the world is becoming smaller and more compact.
Big Data Integration
Analytics has a vital role in knowing about the consequences of taking out a fresh technology in the market. Analysis is imperative for decision-makingand is necessary for business purpose. Big data analysis helps in efficient tracking of the usage of a device. This is much more than simply analytics, and offers an insight into the future of a big thing. In an app, actionable items create more engagement and it is thus important to understand the result of these methods.

Lot– Internet of Things

This is a new entrant in the domain of mobile apps. The technology known as Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting various devices to each other. In such type of setup, the mobile devices are fixed at all times. Only the device that is linked to your mobile device will change. It is not sure what the future of Internet of Things will be, although it is anticipated to go to a major level.

The Internet of Things is set to connect everything in the domain of technology. It has exponentially grown with wearable instruments and small devices, which keep being added to the list. The years to come are expected to witness IoT expand and attain its fullest potential. As the Internet of Things takes a center stage, the world will get closer. With growth in demand, app developers will have to extend their focus to smart devices as well, and not only concentrate on smartphones.


Parrot AR and quite a few other apps are being developed for drones, such as those made by Amazon, Google and various other companies that are trying to launch drone delivery services. These apps are going to be an important part of the technology for controlling, managing, tracking and analyzing the activities of drones.


Wearable devices are limited in number, although every one of them is useful and innovative. Wearable technology, due to Google Glasses and Apple Watch, is one of the most popular topics in the world of technology. Up to this point, wearable devices were concentrated mostly on the healthcare industry. However, wearable instruments are expected by enterprises to be expected to boost efficiency and productivity.

Web Development Trends in 2016 You Cannot Miss Out!

Web Development Trends in 2016 You Cannot Miss Out!

The year 2016 is upon us and a few months have already gone by. 2015 saw the coming of quite a few trends in the domain of web development, and more are sure to come in 2016. The present year promises an action-packed time with evolving technologies and robust development tools set to come into the market and ensuring promising things for web developers. Check out some of the best upcoming web development trends for the year 2016.

More responsive designs

There are plenty of sophisticated platforms already coming into the market, and these are sure to make designs more responsive. Responsive design will not be limited only to mobile responsiveness. Oculus Rift, Apple watch and Google Glass are some of the most famous technologies that are a part of everyday conversation today, and these wearable devices and screens are pushing the envelope for responsive designs. Such technologies are only going to find more favor in 2016. There is also the new 2015 design framework called Semantic UI, which is supposed to be in top demand this year.

Foundation for Apps

This is a recently launched single page app framework that is created around the Flexbox grid and the AngularJS framework. The framework helps create easy and quickly responsive web applications, which assists web developers to start developing codes fast and make them unique to every app that is created. With its clean programming and positioning features, this responsive and state of the art front-end framework is expected to be lapped up by many companies in 2016.

Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion UI makes the transitions of apps richer and smoother with pre-set motions. This is a Sass library that is one of the “Foundation for Apps” sections by developer Zurb. It is used widely for creating CSS transitions and animations fast. For developers, Motion UI happens to be one of the choicest libraries given the way it helps prototypical animated elements to integrate smoothly into websites. 2015 saw an emergence of Motion UI and the trend is guaranteed to last for quite a few years in the future.

Full-screen navigation design

This feature enhances the experience of navigating websites for users on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While browsing a website via a mobile device, a user often finds a registration form. He can tap on this form and make it full-screen size in order to get more convenience in filling it up. Web designers and developers are increasingly developing websites with full-screen navigation designs. It is expected that the trend will grow in the coming years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This technology is already making its presence felt among web developers. It links smartphones and other intelligent devices to the World Wide Web, and helps in exchange of data in a revolutionary new way. With more number of devices being paired to the network and accessed through the web, web developers are using upgraded solutions in order to allow users to regulate and communicate with the equipment and devices that they use. With IoT, app development has been taken to the next stage. The technology will grow by around 31.72% in 2015 – 2019, as per a study recently conducted by Technavio. According to Gartner, around 50% of IoT development will happen with startups that are in existence for less than three years.


Although these have been there for a few years now, the coming of Docker saw plenty of changes and action in container services. A famous container service, Docker helps develop software apps quicker even in isolation. With this type of service, developers are able to create, try out, operate as well as deploy applications more quickly in any type of situation. This service operates irrespective of the operational environment. With Docker set to grow, add more features and become more secure, container services can be expected to have a boom time in 2016 and beyond.

Real-time apps

The present year will also witness a surge in the number of new applications which can work on a real-time basis. In mobile and desktop apps, real-time analytics is being used more and more. Live streaming is also set to become more popular in the world of social media marketing, and apps like Meerkat and Periscope will get more prominence. and other real-time services will see a rise in popularity, when it comes to developers.

Isomorphic JavaScript

2016 will witness websites increasingly going for Isomorphic Javascript. This type of coding will assist in improved performance, given that it takes both server side programming and client side programming into consideration. Meteor and Reach will not be the only frameworks to exist, with other new services also expected to come up. With Isomorphic Javascript, coding can be more direct and help UIs to get a more interactive spirit.

Open Data

This has finally turned real, and ‘The Guardian’ has published a report which states that open data is now a part of transparency initiatives and digital policy packages in many developed nations. Although some hindrances still exist, there are still bright days expected ahead for open data.

Card Based Design

It is a new trend and is only set to be more widespread among developers in 2016. This is a restructuring of the web and will help users to develop a personalised environment with content that is individualized. Card based designs have become very popular, with the internet now being accessed more by devices with smaller screens, such as mobile phones and tablets.

The card based design pattern is now being regarded as amazing, and many of the biggies such as Google and twitter have now jumped onto the card bandwagon. Even the humble Google Search has achieved more personalization with Google cards now being introduced for mobile devices. Social networking biggie Pinterest has made card based designs more popular, and these are now being regarded as effective and faster ways to tell stories in a PPC world. It ensures more amount of information in smaller span of time.

7 Mobile App Development Trends Expected to Rule in 2016

7 Mobile App Development Trends Expected to Rule in 2016

In the last decade, the mobile phone industry has grown leaps and bounds. The mobile industry is being shaped not only by the increasing usage of smartphones but also through mobile apps, operating systems and even associated devices such as smart watches. There are also other advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing which are making their presence increasingly felt in the mobile world. When it comes to mobile app development, developers are continuously experimenting with newer things and promising a lot of changes. These are some new trends expected to come into prominence in 2016.

Further Advancement of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) is poised to expand further and drive mobile app development to newer heights. There is considerable progress being made with IoT, and mobile app development is expected to grow with it. iWatch, Google Glass and various other wearable technological devices have already proven the power of IoT to incorporate sophisticated features. Although the use of IoT is focused more on consumers at present, it is going to be used for industrial and commercial purposes. IoT has already become an important component of mobile trends, and it is supposed to experience an exponential growth in 2014 – 2019.

A technology of the future, IoT is poised to be integrated into almost everything – which also includes mobile devices. Enterprises belonging to a few particular industries such as automotive, healthcare and energy have begun experimenting already with the integration of IoT into mobile into mobile devices. In the coming years, backend infrastructure for mobile platforms is also going to be improved in order to facilitate easier communication with all the devices that are paired with mobile phones.


Mobile Payments is still at a nascent stage, but things are supposed to change before 2016 comes to an end. The sales of tablets and smartphones are already witnessing a tremendous surge. According to analysts, the trend is supposed to grow more in the years to come. More and more buyers will turn to mobile commerce as a consequence. Google and Apple have already made an entry into the mobile payments industry with Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

The indicative growth of M-commerce means that app developers need to create mobile apps which can help in processing transactions without requiring any actual cash or credit or debit cards.

Hybrid HTML5 App Development

Most of the mobile developers like to use native mobile apps. However, for some years HTML5 has been gaining ground and showing a lot of elegance and performance when it comes to the development of apps. It is expected that Hybrid HTML5 app development is set to witness more traction in the mobile world, without anything to stop its expected growth. These apps have already shown success in consumer app and enterprise app development.

In the coming months, many enterprises are expected to follow this trend. At the present time, there is not any other platform to face off with Hybrid HTML5. This makes this trend quite reasonable to be considered. The Ionic framework is a rising framework for app development. Although it is newer in the domain, mobile developers are giving it a lot of importance. But it has to be kept in mind that native development should not be ignored due to the growth of Hybrid HTML5 development.

Growth of Cloud-Driven Apps

While the last year saw an integration of cloud computing with mobile app development, the trend of delivery of centrally interconnected apps is expected to become better in 2016. The Cloud technology is set to come with a number of advantages. App developers can use cloud support to retain the minute size of mobile applications and thus manage memory or bandwidth problems much better.
The cloud technology will also help app developers sync mobile applications across different kinds of devices such as Samsung Gear and Apple Watch. The number of apps offered by Apple to Apple Watch users is going to grow even more in 2016. With the aid of cloud compatibility, mobile devices and wearable gadgets can easily sync with apps as well as app extensions. A lot of mobile apps in the future are expected to be cloud-driven.


Micro-interactions through touch-sensitive single application design are quickly expected to grow more and more popular in the coming months. These features, dubbed by some industry members as “clunks” are expected to make the overall experience something closer to that of a game, helping users to get an extraordinary experience. The launch of the latest 3D touch technology by Apple on its iPhone 6 mobile phones brought fresh chances for micro-interactions. Users, without tapping on the app to open it, can execute actions fast in order to allow access much easier and also make interfacing more interesting.

Messaging apps

Although there are various Messaging apps available for use at the moment, the demand and supply of these programs are expected to grow even more in the coming months. The tussle between mobile messaging apps and social networking websites is anticipated to get stiffer. The number of users of WhatsAle app, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber is equal to that of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But the messaging apps have more influence and are expected to surpass the user count of social sites sometime soon. It has to be noted that messaging apps are used by as many as 35% of users of smartphones.

Augmented Reality based apps

There has been a constant growth in the AR technology in the last 2 years, and the development is anticipated to become a big trend in mobile app development technology in the coming months. It has been used already by different enterprises in order to offer an immersive user engagement and experience. The coming months will witness the integration of augmented reality into mobile applications, in order to provide businesses and customers with a better business experience. It is going to change the way of participation for consumers and take mobile apps to a new direction.

SEO Tips to See Your Website Through in 2016

SEO Tips to See Your Website Through in 2016

At present, the SEO industry is quite volatile due to the plethora of algorithm changes in Google within a short time. The algorithm set of the search engine is changing by the month, and this extremely dynamic nature is keeping SEO professionals on the tenterhooks. It is one of the toughest weathers for SEO specialists to bear, and they have to constantly keep themselves abreast with new updates. Check out some of the new trends that every SEO specialist needs to look out for in 2016 to improve the performance of websites.

Optimize Website for Rich Answers

It is not enough to simply aim for high rankings on Google SERPs for target keywords. It is also essential to optimize websites for Rich Answers, which are actually the results appearing on the top of the organic search results. Stone Temple Consulting mentions that 19.45% of the 850,000 keyword queries on Google search results have rich answers being displayed. The number is only set to rise in the coming months. Given that Google has made it clear that it aims to offer value to users, the details which are the most relevant to the search queries are offered by rich answers.

Check Other Featured Content of Google

Take a look at the Mozcast Google Feature review to know about other content types which are featured within the results thrown up by Google. Here, rich answers are called ‘featured snippets’. ‘Related Questions’ is a similar type of feature, and displays how the questions should be covered by articles. Videos and images are other popular ways to gain top rankings for a few search terms on the SERPs. Check out which of these are essential for your type of industry.

Make User Engagement Better

For a long time, user engagement has been supposed to be one of the possible factors that help get higher rankings. This includes bounce rate, average time spent on website, pogo sticking and various other factors. It is an established factor for conversion and decides how effective are the elements of pages which influence the visitors’ chances to respond to your call to action messages. But the effectiveness of such factors is tough to assess in search engines due to lack of supporting information. Although user engagement is regarded as having an indirect impact on SERP rankings, SEO specialists should optimize websites even with this factor in consideration.

Various tools can be used to track visitor interaction and engagement with website pages. There are tools such as CrazyEgg and SumoMe Heat Maps which can show the links most or least clicked on, total number of clicks made etc. Based on such information, websites can be optimized by improving buttons and CTA links. Heatmapping can easily determine user interaction with pages from the number of clicks obtained from links.

Mobile App Optimization

At present, the mobile industry has become very huge. Google is constantly trying to find newer ways to offer a better search experience to mobile users. The mobile-friendly update of the search engine, also referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’, is an effort in this area. It encourages website owners to develop responsive or mobile designs to make websites load faster on mobile phones and tablets. A faster loading website can retain users better.

There is huge rush to grab the attention of mobile users, and there has been a great rise in the number of dollars being paid on mobile advertising every year. With millions being spent already on mobile ads, as per eMarketer statistics show, Google is set to take a more important role in providing mobile users with new content. App store optimization will be a step in this way. In 2016, App Store Optimization is set to be the new SEO trend.

With an increasing number of people using their smart phones to read news, it is essential to make content mobile-searchable. Website owners and SEO experts need to ensure that Google can easily understand all the content, which can be found in the mobile app and leverage the app’s promotion with regard to SEO.

App Indexing

App Indexing is able to bring more search results on Google mobile search for search queries. In other words, website pages which rank for the targeted keyword will need to compete with many app pages as well. In search results, App Indexing is the newest development which would influence how website pages will rank for the keywords targeted. Apps are indexed through App Index at present on Google search. App search ranking falls under Deep Linking or App Index. In the coming months, marketers will have to optimize their websites for app stores as well as the organic search results of Google.

Unique Images

Unlike earlier times, images are not a very big source of referral on Google. But it can be really worthwhile to have unique images on websites. Although the same image can appear on hundreds of web search results, it is the really unique ones which can get top spots. Although stock photos can be good enough to make general points, unique or custom photography can prove to be very valuable over the long term.

Longer Content

The size of articles has a lot of importance in rankings. On an average, longer articles which range between 1,200 and 1,500 words in size tend to be better performers on Google SERPs. Even a few years back, a 300-word article was regarded as a long enough one. But the recent changes in Google algorithm have attempted to do away with articles having a number of keywords containing competitive search terms within small content. Naturally, longer articles are enjoying higher traffic and higher SEO rankings. It is essential to distribute keywords evenly and space them out through longer articles to introduce uniformity into the optimization process, and make articles easier for readers to go through.

Keeping the above SEO tips will ensure a smoother sail for your online properties even in this rough weather, and achieve better success for your own business.