Increasing traffic on your website is such a discussion that can never be marked as ‘complete’ as there is continuous research in the matter and experts are busy finding out fresh strategies for the same. In this context, we are going to discuss some of the methods of increasing traffic on your website without having to spend any money. It is easy and convenient to pay and use the strategies which are available, but there are several interesting methods that can help you achieve your goal at zero expense. Now, we will find out how this can be done and how beneficial it can be for your business.

Free traffic does not always mean good traffic or quality traffic. You need to understand the basic difference between free traffic and quality traffic and it is only then you can make the best use of the methods which will provide you with valuable traffic for free. It is the traffic on your website that results in improving your rank and that in turn works again to increase traffic. You have to make sure that the increase in traffic is related to the increase in the engagement of your business. Increased traffic with the decreased conversation will result in your demotion in rank and that is obviously not desired. So, in the very first place, you will have to make sure that the free methods you apply do actually result in increasing meaningful traffic in your business.

1. The free Google My Business Listing:

Are you aware of the optimized Google My Business Listing and the fact that it actually generates 7 times more visits as compared to other listings? You must have already known that it is the listing links to your website is the best way to generate traffic. Having said this, it is necessary to remind you that Google is getting smarter day by day and if your listing contains all the information that can be valuable for your potential customer, they might just skip the process of visiting your website and directly contact your business. This is even better than the simple website visit or even increased conversation. So, do go for free Google listing and make sure that your business gets the maximum benefit from it.

2. Performance of On-page SEO:

There are several SEO tactics that you can apply to each of your website pages so that your rank increases in search engines and thus result in getting more visitors. Production of high-quality content is the easiest way to attract visitors and writing concise Meta descriptions is not a big deal. This Meta description will appear just below your URL in the search results and enable the user to know what a click will deliver them. This is just the easiest thing you can do as you know your business the best and thus it will not be a tough job to write the most concise and relevant meta description.

3. Getting listed to online directories:

Getting listed to free online directories and review sites can help in increasing traffic in your website with ease. In most such free sites, you will just have to create your own profile and that profile will contain the link to your website. Active updating of the profile in such listings as well as getting positive reviews is sure to result in an increase in traffic.

4. Building of backlinks:

A link to your website available through another website is known as a backlink. Backlinks achieved from complimentary business or from industry influencers is sure to expose your business to a larger audience. When the volume of audience is increased, it is for sure that there will be some increase in conversation as well. When you get this benefit free of cost, it is surely worth investing some time and energy into it.

5. The Omni-present social media:

Today social media is truly Omni-present. It is the most popular platform from where you can give a little push to your business and that too for free. Basically, social media is the most popular among the free marketing tools businesses use these days. Using Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin for the promotion of blog posts and other useful pages can be great as traffic increasing strategy. This method can turn your audience from social media into visitors to your website. You have to make sure to post sharable content and also make sure that what you post actually attract your followers. You are the best authority of your business and thus creating interesting content on the same will not be a difficult task for you. You just have to make sure that your posts do not look too much like an advertisement; else they will start getting marked as spams.

Having discussed about some of the most popular free traffic increasing methods, it is expected that your business will get boosted. Make sure to include your own experiences and expertise to make the most out of them and enjoy the reward you get from our suggestions.

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Social media activeness is the most happening trend these days and when you are thinking of proper advertisement of your business, you must not ignore this platform. Can you imagine how beneficial the social media platform can be for your business? Well, you may have some basic knowledge about it, but we are here to tell you some of the details and lucrative gains you and your business can make by utilizing this platform.
The very first thing to mention is that social media marketing (or advertising if you prefer) is one of the most cost effective advertisement strategy to exist these days. Signing up and creating your profile in social media is free and when you finally decide to go for the paid promotion programmes, most of them are really cost efficient. The best method to follow is to go for the small ones first and then wait to see the growth in your business. Later you can fine tune your advertisement strategy and increase your budget. The volume of customers you can reach through social media marketing is immense (when the expense is in consideration) as compared to any other advertisement medium.
Now comes the issue of brand awareness and social media is absolutely the most cost effective method of digital marketing that can increase the visibility of your brand to the customers. The broad audience which you are sure to get through social media will make your business visible to all levels and types of customers. All you have to do is spend very little time (say about 6 hours a week) to create your profile and begin interacting with others. You can also make your employees or business partners ‘share’ and ‘like’ your page. This simple method of interacting with people through your content will increase the brand awareness. The more people get to know about your business, the more will be the chance of your success.
Talking about more people viewing about your business, it must be mentioned here that you need inbound traffic to make the required gain for your business. Unless you get into social media marketing, the inbound traffic for your business will be none other but your usual customers only. People who are using the social media platform regularly may not even know about you unless you make them ‘see’ you. The social media profile that you add to your marketing method will act as a gateway to your business website and all the contents you post there will create fresh opportunity to get more and more inbound traffic. Social media is the mixing bowl with different types of people with varying backgrounds and choices. They come with their own needs and social media marketing will let them view your business for sure.
Search Engine Optimization is still the most important thing to consider in digital marketing world and social media plays an important role in this niche as well. SEO is important in obtaining higher page ranks and this means more inbound traffic to your business. Now, the question is, does social media marketing directly help in obtaining higher page ranks? The direct answer may be clearly negative, but social media researches indicate clearly that more than half of business owners using social media marketing strategy has benefitted greatly in recent years. In order to get positive results from the perspective of search engine optimization you simply need to post high quality content and build your social media community where people will ‘share’ or ‘like’ your content.
With increased visibility (read ‘brand awareness’) and search engine optimization, you will find that a major part of the inbound traffic to your website will actually become your customer. Those who will not need to buy from you may even refer your name to others. Higher conversion rate (from inbound traffic to final purchasers) is one of the most lucrative aspects of social media marketing and the digital business world is highly concerned about it. You can buy tons of leads but can never be sure about their conversion rates. This purchase can be expensive at times (depending on the nature of your business) but the result can never be guaranteed. On the other hand, expense for primary type of social media marketing is low and chances are high that you will have higher conversion rates.
Customer satisfaction is another important factor to keep in mind while choosing social media marketing as your advertisement strategy as a business can become successful when its customers remain satisfied and happy. Having your business profile in social media will enable you to interact directly and personally with your customers. Even when you reply to a complaint from any of your customers, the case will be considered to be your activeness in keeping in touch with your customers and thus will make them feel cared and satisfied.
If you are still thinking about the strategy that can help your business rock this year, put your first step in social media and invest just a little bit. We are sure that you will never regret this decision for a moment.

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