Web development is the most happening business branch in the digital world. Truly speaking it is very similar to the iron and steel industries when the IT industry is taken into consideration. A website is the face of any business in the digital world and to make the face attractive and functioning, all you need is proper web development services.

Before you choose the perfect web development service provider to create your web site, it is important to know what are the things to look for from certain service provider and why the web development service is indispensable. We are here to discuss about some of the less talked issues while deciding why the web development service is necessary.

A web page will define your business and it is thus needless to say that you need a real attractive home page. Any reputed web development service provider will surely provide you with great looking web pages, but you need to know that this is not all your business will need. Just good looks will not play the trick in making your business successful. You will need to take care of several other issues to reach success and this is where a good web development service provider will come to your aid.

Web development is not just about creating a great web site for once and all. A web site will need continuous nurturing and modifications according to the changes in market and your business. Your service provider must be eligible for providing this type of continuous service so that your web site remains updated. The current trend of digital business shows that there is enormous growth in mobile application based websites and you must keep this factor in mind while selecting the service provider for your business. Not all web development service providers are efficient in mobile application based projects and this implies you must be extremely careful in choosing the right one.

Now comes the question of being functional. The face of your business (i.e. your home page) must not be a mannequin. It needs to be properly working and well designed for interaction between you and your target customers (or audience if you prefer). Unless your website has a proper space for interaction, your customers will lose interest in your products and business. Proper interaction does not only mean a window to chat or something like that. It means there must be enough scope in your web site for regular update regarding your business. It is the responsibility of the web development service provider to make such a design with easy methods so that you can do the alterations and additions without mush hassle. In case you are not comfortable in doing these things all by yourself, you can go for such schemes where your service provider will do the alterations in a regular basis.

Obviously, the cost will be a bit higher, but that makes sense as far as the success of your business is concerned.
You may start wondering why a business should need to spend money in web development on a regular basis. Won’t you keep your shop well decorated and functional if that was your business space? In the digital sphere, your web page is your shop (read office if that suits your business) and you need to allot some money for its thorough maintenance. It is suggested not to go for the cheaper ones as compromising with the quality of service will lead you towards failure for sure. It won’t be hard to find instances where a business failed just because the web site was not up to the mark. The good news is that, the business of web development services has become so competitive that great quality services are now available at affordable prices. Domain names have become cheaper and so are the other related services related with web development.

While choosing the right web development service provider for your business, make sure to research thoroughly about the companies. Check their authenticity and capabilities. The reviews by previous customers of the service providers will testify about their efficiency. Interact freely and talk about your exact requirements with the concerned persons in the company and make sure that they understand your business and its requirements. Feel free to let your service provider know if you have any weakness in understanding the strategies used in digital business as they will help you to understand them if necessary.

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Hero Images and Web Design: A Snapshot!

Hero Images and Web Design: A Snapshot!

If you are in for Click-baiting, you will love to use hero images. Simply looking at the copy and the image placed at the top of the page can help visitors to find out what your website is all about. It is important to have a hero image with a call to action or a copy. Check out some of the best examples and practices to make hero images and make them attractive for the audience.

Hero Image – What is it?

It is not the image of a hero, as anyone would like to believe. It is the first or main graphic or photo which can be seen at the top of any email or webpage. Its objective is to draw visitors immediately and show them the main objective of your content or website. It ultimately rests on you to select a high-quality graphic or photo to represent your page theme in its entirety.

How to Create Good Hero Images?

There is an attention-grabbing Hero Image in the Infatuation, which consists of reviews of restaurants, and it highlights the main offer from the website. Visitors can navigate away easily from the main page. In some cases, the hero images are extremely extensive and it is difficult to find out where one should click to get away from the image. There is a chance that you can get immersed in the photo, forget your purpose for visiting the site and go back just as you came.

In contrast, there is the blue image with white text on Flywheel which explains in a single sentence the business. It also offers two CTAs.

Making Good Hero Images

There are some smart ways to make good hero images.

Check the Relevance

Your hero image has to represent accurately the things that you wish to sell. If you are a beach holiday tour operator, the image of a sun-kissed beach with men and women cavorting on the sand is a good idea. The photo may also advertise a slogan or a sale, although you should restrict your text to a limit. As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Naturally, you should ensure that any extra words are relevant and pertinent.

Make Precise Captions

Remember that on an average captions beneath images are read 300 times more as compared to the body copy. This is a big figure. Make sure that the caption is targeted and precise, and most important – is relevant to the hero image.

You Can Use Hero Banners

Hero banners happen to be extremely popular, and these are high-quality images which are paired with a call to action and simple text. However, it is not necessary that hero images should be banners.

Test and Optimize Hero Images

Similar to any other thing that you add to your own marketing skills, it is important to test hero images and have those optimized. Take a cue from word stream, where tests are being made by the team to ensure that the website goes great guns. These include making homepage tests.

Test Varied Hero Images

Testing your home page with different hero images will help you to know which one has the better conversion rate. Use high-quality photographs for each hero image and find out with each test which one is working the best with the target audience of your choice.

Use High-Quality Images

With high-quality photos, you can make it easier for people to view large, crisp images on phone as well as computer screens. Make the images sharp and crisp, to prevent fuzziness.

Customize Stock Images

Ensure that you are not using a very loud background on which you are putting the text. Go for a cool color contrast. Size the image on the basis of what you wish to show, and reduce the load time as much as possible.

Hero Images – Where Can You Get Them?

Few people are experts at designing info graphics or taking photos of their own. Fortunately, there is no need for you to do so. You can find plenty of websites which offer stock photos free of cost or at low-cost to have your hero image sliced and diced.


It has many stock images that you can select from. There are numerous ways for you to edit them using text. You may also upload photos of your own. There are as many as 75 million pictures that you can pick from, and each one of them can be searched and placed into separate categories. You can design an email hero although designing a webpage hero might not be possible.

Creative Market

It, just like stocksy, offers a wide range of fonts, templates, stock photos and graphics. Most of these have to be bought although the cost is very less. Most people would find it worthwhile to spend 20 bucks on a cluster for website branding purposes.


You can get high quality photos from unsplash to use in the form of hero images. The pictures are quite similar to that of pexels, as both have pictures from photographers. But there is a vast library, and you might not note same images all too often. Both offers stock photos with CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license.


This is another great resource to try, and here are images with excellent color contrast that make them life-like. There is also the chance to browse through plenty of hero images.

Task Rabbit

There are many hero images on this source, and each of these come with a varied “We Will Help” caption comprising of an easy search bar underneath. Most of the visitors may not have an exact idea about Task Rabbit, and naturally each image consists of static sub-headers. These are quite small and do not take attention away from main hero.

Grain and Mortar

This is a creative studio consisting of many hero images, actually in the form of short videos. These videos consist of enough action to interest visitors but not too much to distract them from the text completely. There are high-quality photos in the website.

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