Increasing traffic on your website is such a discussion that can never be marked as ‘complete’ as there is continuous research in the matter and experts are busy finding out fresh strategies for the same. In this context, we are going to discuss some of the methods of increasing traffic on your website without having to spend any money. It is easy and convenient to pay and use the strategies which are available, but there are several interesting methods that can help you achieve your goal at zero expense. Now, we will find out how this can be done and how beneficial it can be for your business.

Free traffic does not always mean good traffic or quality traffic. You need to understand the basic difference between free traffic and quality traffic and it is only then you can make the best use of the methods which will provide you with valuable traffic for free. It is the traffic on your website that results in improving your rank and that in turn works again to increase traffic. You have to make sure that the increase in traffic is related to the increase in the engagement of your business. Increased traffic with the decreased conversation will result in your demotion in rank and that is obviously not desired. So, in the very first place, you will have to make sure that the free methods you apply do actually result in increasing meaningful traffic in your business.

1. The free Google My Business Listing:

Are you aware of the optimized Google My Business Listing and the fact that it actually generates 7 times more visits as compared to other listings? You must have already known that it is the listing links to your website is the best way to generate traffic. Having said this, it is necessary to remind you that Google is getting smarter day by day and if your listing contains all the information that can be valuable for your potential customer, they might just skip the process of visiting your website and directly contact your business. This is even better than the simple website visit or even increased conversation. So, do go for free Google listing and make sure that your business gets the maximum benefit from it.

2. Performance of On-page SEO:

There are several SEO tactics that you can apply to each of your website pages so that your rank increases in search engines and thus result in getting more visitors. Production of high-quality content is the easiest way to attract visitors and writing concise Meta descriptions is not a big deal. This Meta description will appear just below your URL in the search results and enable the user to know what a click will deliver them. This is just the easiest thing you can do as you know your business the best and thus it will not be a tough job to write the most concise and relevant meta description.

3. Getting listed to online directories:

Getting listed to free online directories and review sites can help in increasing traffic in your website with ease. In most such free sites, you will just have to create your own profile and that profile will contain the link to your website. Active updating of the profile in such listings as well as getting positive reviews is sure to result in an increase in traffic.

4. Building of backlinks:

A link to your website available through another website is known as a backlink. Backlinks achieved from complimentary business or from industry influencers is sure to expose your business to a larger audience. When the volume of audience is increased, it is for sure that there will be some increase in conversation as well. When you get this benefit free of cost, it is surely worth investing some time and energy into it.

5. The Omni-present social media:

Today social media is truly Omni-present. It is the most popular platform from where you can give a little push to your business and that too for free. Basically, social media is the most popular among the free marketing tools businesses use these days. Using Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin for the promotion of blog posts and other useful pages can be great as traffic increasing strategy. This method can turn your audience from social media into visitors to your website. You have to make sure to post sharable content and also make sure that what you post actually attract your followers. You are the best authority of your business and thus creating interesting content on the same will not be a difficult task for you. You just have to make sure that your posts do not look too much like an advertisement; else they will start getting marked as spams.

Having discussed about some of the most popular free traffic increasing methods, it is expected that your business will get boosted. Make sure to include your own experiences and expertise to make the most out of them and enjoy the reward you get from our suggestions.

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Hope you have made use of the six super simple tips we wrote about earlier to increase traffic to your website and they have worked well. Precisely, they were the simplest one which can be put to use by even the most inexperienced people. Now, we plan to bring in some more tips that can help increase traffic to your website. It must be mentioned here that the topics we are going to talk about here are a bit technical and one needs to have some technical knowledge about the entire working of website and digital business to make these tricks pay off.
Before going straight to the tips section, we need to remind you once again that your website is the face of your business in the digital world. With the growing popularity of digital business every single business needs to have a good (read great) website. This can be ensured when you have the true professionals to do the job for you. Professional and experienced website designers have the required knowledge to make the perfect design for your web page. The design of the web page needs to be attractive, precise and at the same time super functional. Missing any of the mentioned qualities will end up ruining your expenses and time. Make sure to hire the best professional services available for designing your website. Then you can go on with the following tips and tricks to ensure the pouring of huge traffic in your website.

1. Getting social is the primary path to make people come to your site: Even if you have created great content for your website you cannot expect heavy pouring of traffic. In order to make people find out your web page you have to be proactive. You need to make use of social media channels for the promotion of your content. There are several social platforms which you can choose for such promotion. Twitter is one of the most popular and is ideal for short and snappy links. Google+ promotion can also help you a lot in increasing traffic by showing up in personalized search results. Image heavy social sites like Instagram and Pinterest are also equally useful for the purpose.

2. Go for referral traffic and that will work like magic: General method for attracting traffic to your website was to persuade other sites to link back to your site. Well, this is a pretty time taking process and tedious as well. You can try the method that will bring you similar (or even better) results with minimum effort. Just create content that begs to be linked to. Wondering how to do it? Let’s make the thing a bit clear – there are several links that increase the scope for referral traffic. Simply do your precise research on such available links and post your content there. This will surely increase your chance of success.

3. Do not ignore LinkedIn – it is too important these days: LinkedIn has turned out to be the most popular means of finding jobs it is now the world’s largest professional social network that has turned out to be the most valuable publishing platform. Posting your content to LinkedIn on a regular basis is going to make your content visible to several users and you already what it means when people read your content. The most interesting thing about this whole LinkedIn process is that it is not just beneficial for increasing traffic to your website, but at the same time it is helpful in uplifting the profile of your business (especially when your business is the one with moderate to large following).

4. Implementation of Schema Microdata: Yes, this tip is for the people who understand the technical part of website functions. Basically implementation of any microdata format (we have special reference for using Schema for the purpose as we have tested its usefulness) alone will not increase traffic to your site. Implementation of Schema (or other microdata format of your choice) will actually make it easy for the search engine bots to find out and index your pages. One more benefit you can get from using Schema for SEO purpose is that it is most likely to result in better rich site snippets that is responsible for improved click-through rates.

5. Interviewing industry thought leaders can be super beneficial: Remember when we talked about ‘guest blogging’, we told you that your general readers will love to read lines written by popular people. Same is the case here when we are talking about interviewing the thought leaders of the industry that your business belongs to. Are you worried about how to approach such people? You should keep in mind that several thought leaders are extremely interested about talk to you about your business. Giving expert comment is always exciting for many and you just need to make the most use of it. Simply send out request emails for an interview to the thought leaders and publish it in your blog. The name recognition is sure to boost your business and the inward traffic to your site.

We have given you five more (slightly technical though) tips to increase traffic to your business. We hope that these will surely boost your business. Work with these and in the mean time we will be working on bringing more interesting and easy tips for you in the coming days.

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Hope you have hired a high-end website designing service provider to make a perfectly attractive website for your company – actually every business in this digital world will do it and you are no exception. Now what? Your business got the starting signal and there you are earning your dream numbers!

It isn’t that simple – isn’t it? You must have expected great to moderate business right from the beginning as you spent so much making the website and truly speaking, the professional website designers are extremely dedicated to make their clients’ business successful. But the reality now appears to be something else. Why the traffic in your website not hitting the expected mark or even if there is satisfactory traffic, your business is not earning as expected. Can you guess what went wrong?

If you are wrestling with the mentioned questions, you need to know that it is not just the web page design or great content that is going to draw the desired traffic for your website. You have to ensure certain things so that people visit your site and read your content. To be very honest about the real working pattern of the digital world, you will have to make people visit your site; make your business visible to everyone so that you can earn. Even if most of the digital businesses around the globe are well aware of the tricks and tactics to be played; they often make some silly mistakes or forget to follow some simple tricks. Here are some of the most common things you just need to remember (as we guess you already know them, but might have forgotten to utilize) so that the traffic in your website gets the required boost.

1. Advertise

This one is so obvious that it may seem useless to mention here. But we decided to mention this one as the very first tip because most of the businesses make the mistake in choosing the right advertising method. You have to make sure exactly what type of advertisements will make sense for your business and invest in that only. While going for the paid searches and advertisements, make sure you invest in those which are relevant to your business. Please don’t ignore the social media advertising and display advertising as they are still great ways to help you reach your target audience.

2. Catchy and Irresistible headlines

Whatever content you put in your website, it needs a heading that will make people read them. An old proverb says ‘The first impression is the last impression’ –and this is so true in the field of digital business. Unless your headline is attractive, the most exciting content will be overlooked by the most dedicated readers or customers. You have to make sure that the headline for each of your content is not just attractive but be like a powerful magnet to draw the target audience towards the content.

3. SEO – Are you thinking its dead?

Let us correct you in the very beginning that optimization of your content for search engines is still the most valuable and worthwhile practice. Unless you can provide what people search for you will never be able to make them look towards you. On-page SEO is the least time consuming method to follow and is sure to boost the traffic in your website.

4. Make the tail long

Yes, we are talking about the keywords here. The very first thing that comes into consideration while writing the content for a website is the keywords and every content writer will ensure that they have the high-intent and popular keyword bases well covered. The long-tail keywords (which are often not taken into consideration) actually account for a majority of web searches and if you are not taking them seriously, you are actually losing the traffic in your website.

5. Guest blogging – it’s really important

Guest blogging too is very alive till date and you can surely succeed in increasing the traffic in your website with them. You can build your brand with the help of securing a guest post on a reputable site. Please keep in mind that the standards for guest blogging have changed a lot recently and spammy tactics will trap you in serious penalties.

6. Do not neglect the Email strategy

So many new social marketing strategies have popped up these days that we have almost forgotten the old and faithful email method. It is still a very powerful tool and you will be astonished to know that a moderately successful email blast can actually result in huge increase of traffic in your website.
Well, these are the simplest six tips and tricks you can begin with and track the difference in the flow of traffic in your website. We will keep you updated on more tips in the coming days.

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