Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2016

Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2016

An interesting and distinct logo is one of the best ways to create a fantastic business image in the mind of customers. A logo should ideally be unique, appealing and trendy, and follow the latest trends in logo design. It has to serve as a symbol for your brand and make your business stand out from those of your competitors. Plus, it should also have a good recall value and convey your brand message very easily. Check out the top 10 logo design trends of 2016.

1. Web 2.0

This kind of logo boasts of bright colors, luster and accurate icons. Basically, any logo which is fresh, trendy and innovative can be considered a Web 2.0 logo. This is among the latest logo design trends aimed at facilitating details, creativity and collaboration among users. It shows the willingness of a brand to be creative and collaborate with other businesses for sharing of information.

2. Waves

This logo design is visually very appealing and projects a positive approach to customers. It has a lovely shape and its color pattern is a little faded, which is the reason it can be adapted to a number of accompanying things. It can project a fluid, dynamic image.

3. 3D images

This type of design is tough to create on paper, which lends some rarity to it. It can be done for making images distinct, out of the box and livelier, but not too overwhelming. These logos have a prominent look and can be very appealing wherever they are used, in business brochures, flyers, websites or business cards.

4. Transparency

It helps users see through images due to transparency. This kind of logo can keep users’ attention fixed to just one spot. It can be adapted easily to accommodate a number of other designs. It adds the additional layer of color and depth and can help make a digital mark more life-like. These can be often seen on shirts, websites, promotional fliers and cups. Designers can use this style to play with different fonts, colors, shapes, sizes, alignments, symbols and more. Museum of London, Lexpro, Zip Liner are some companies which make use of the style of transparency.

5. Flat

It is a very popular trend these days, and is used by brands like Windows, Microsoft, Netflix and IHOP. The logos are 3-D and in bold, and have a 2000s feel when the style was actually quite popular. The flat style is characterized by simple design in which brands are reflected in a minimal and fresh manner.

These logos scale properly, which makes them compatible with mobile devices as well as browsers. With increasing emphasis on being mobile friendly and responsive, logos have to be compatible with tablets and smartphones.

6. Minimalism

In the last few years, it has been getting popular in every design area – whether in web design or in interior design. It first rose to prominence in 2014, and there has been no looking back ever since. The style uses flat designs, only a handful of colors, and a straight-cut design that conveys the brand message to customers directly. The logo of Chanel is a good example.

7. Hand Drawn

Even in this digital age, many people like the simple hand-drawn logo and fonts which have their own charm. Naturally, it continues to be a popular style even in 2016. This design depends on connected and semi-connected script fonts along with small, animation-style graphics which establish a sensation of being more personal.

The style is most assistive for brands which do not need the extremely advanced style of the many minimalist logo designs and can do with a lighter approach as far as branding is concerned. This type of style also helps designers to make their logos more colorful and have the designs with freer tones.

8. Stacked Text

It consists of plan text along with a single color, and the design is minimalist. The text can be vertically stacked in such as a way as to be eye-catching and more effectual as compared to horizontal text. The vertical text design can also be matched with horizontal text design in order to develop more possible styles although having only one main style as the basis. This presents a simple design in a basic but new way. This is a relevant design, and it continues to rock. The logo of the American Library Association (ALA) is a wonderful instance.

9. Negative Space

Although the trend is not new, it is fast becoming popular in 2016. This design makes use of white, unused space and adds the space into the logo to make an imperceptible message. The NBC logo is a famous example of this type, which shows a peacock spreading its multi-colored feathers. It was as early as 1956 when the peacock logo began to be used by NBC to promote the still-fresh color programming. The logo changed somewhat in 1979 to become the modern one.

10. Line Art

The trend arose in 2015 and seems like it is going to be here for at least some time. It is now also being used in logo creation. The design consists of thin, single lines which usually have similar thickness all through the logo. The logo is seen most frequently in a single solid color, which is generally black.

This type of logo can be typically found to be used for brands in good and coffee industries. Although these look simple, line art designs comprise of some type of graphic which also makes them look casual. These logos may or may not come along with a graphic.
In the present times, one of the most planned moves to popularize a brand includes using a perfectly designed logo to win customers over. The modern age sees customers being distracted like never before in history, which makes harder for brands to grab the attention of consumers. You can be a step or two ahead of your business competitors if you have proper understanding and knowledge of logo design trends of 2016.