Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

The social media marketing trends change every year. With the technology constantly evolving and newer platforms coming into existence, user engagement is happening in varied away. Thus, it is not sufficient to use the same social media marketing (SMM) strategies every year. The same applies for 2016, and here are the top 10 social media marketing trends 2016 that you can use.

10. Influencer Marketing

It goes without saying that potential buyers put more faith on people over social media than on companies. Once an influencer posts endorses a brand or posts something positive about a product or service, a consumer is likelier to go for that offering than he would have in case the post had directly come from the company. With influencer marketing trend growing more and more, the requirement for influencer marketing will grow likewise.

9. Live Streaming

With the internet becoming more accessible and bandwidth problems getting resolved with time, more people are trying to live stream to family members, friends, followers and even customers. It is platforms like Periscope and Snap chat which have started the trend and soon the big guns of social media such as Facebook and Twitter jumped onto the bandwagon.

The “Live” broadcasting option of Facebook is fast becoming more and more popular. This new platform is being used by industry bigwigs and companies to offer full webinars to fast updates and everything in between. Live Steaming is becoming a more convenient way to draw in potential clients and when being used for webinars, streaming on social media is the way to go.

8. Wearable Devices

The coming of Apple iWatch has shifted people to the wearable technology and the trend is set to grow more. Social media platforms are increasingly adapting themselves to satisfy the requirements of users who use smaller wearable device screens to view these platforms. Businesses and companies have to move with the times and will need to think about how their posts will be viewed over smaller, more varied screens such as on iWatch.

7. Short, Sharable Content

More numbers of blogs are coming into existence and there are greater items being shared. People are increasingly feeling less inclined to spend time going through a lengthy post or article. Rather, they need posts they can go through very easily and share with their family and friends to be enjoyed. More businesses will have to make their posts shorter and make them share-able for users.

6. Platform Specific Visuals

This is already being done by a lot of companies. This simply means making use of different visuals which can fit the requirements of every social platform, whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. For each specific platform, there is a viewing window of a different size and the specifications are also different. This has an impact on how images need to appear. You have to abide by the guidelines in place to grab the attention of most number of users on every page.

5. Video Content Marketing

2016 is witnessing a great rise in videos for content marketing purposes. There are different types of videos being used for completing this task. There are Educational videos which can instruct the audience and also market products and services to them. Explainer videos can tell the audience how to use products or use specific types of services such as Pinterest. There are even Entertaining videos which can keep members of the audience engaged and entertained. The videos of Buzzfeed mix education, shareable content and entertainment together, but do not sell anything – and has got over 15 million likes only on Facebook.

4. Marketing Automation

The Marketing automation software platform is designed to assist businesses market products and services simultaneously market across multiple channels. It can remove the need to carry out repetitive tasks like marketing on social media websites or sending emails. Marketing automation strategies can make the job more convenient for business owners. Local small businesses need to think about using some type of marketing automation software in order to keep pace with the increasing amount of content which has to be delivered to present and potential customers. There are plenty of options to be found, but one that satisfies the requirements and does not prove to be too expensive has to be chosen.

3. Mobile Marketing

With an increasing number of people using mobile devices for browsing the internet and their accounts on the social media, websites have to be modified in order to satisfy their mobile requirements. If you are making use of social media platforms to promote products, blog posts or articles and your website is not mobile friendly, you will be losing out some customers. Generally, non-responsive websites are not very tough to navigate over mobile devices.

Having a mobile-friendly website is essential today. For many years, marketers have been instructing businesses to optimize their websites for mobile device users. But mobile-optimization is indispensable these days and has to be addressed at the earliest. In 2015, mobile searches have moved past desktop searches for the first time. In 2015, the algorithm of Google began to penalize websites which were un-optimized for mobile devices.

2. Private Interactions

Communication on social media websites is becoming more and more private. More number of users, instead of directly posting to their family and friends, are sending messages or links discreetly via chat options which are offered through social networking platforms. You should take a look at some LinkedIn groups which consist of your target audience. Such groups can provide you with direct access to all those people you want to communicate with.

1.Pay for Exposure

It has become essential to put ads on social networking platforms, given that shares from friends and family members (organic social reach) are not as effectual marketing tools as before. With paid advertising, specific demographic can be reached.

Social media marketing trends are changing constantly, and you can soon fall behind unless you take all the necessary steps to be ahead in the competition. Make sure that you consider the plenty of changes that arrive every year, including those that are making waves in 2016.