Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2016: Unveiled!

Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2016: Unveiled!

A website design has to score big on looks to catch eyeballs while ensuring higher functionality and these are established notions! However, in terms of trends in the web design world, it comes and goes like the ever-evolving fashion realm. It is the for the web design experts to decide what to absorb and what to chuck out to avoid the clutter and breathe professionalism. A top-rated web design company can really make things work for you after you engage in a brief session, spell out your wants and leave the rest to them for an agreeable output. The web design trends of 2016 are aimed to offer greater user satisfaction. So it is not only a responsive layout and a mobile-friendly design that is the need of the hour, make a plan that can augment your SEO efforts, too!

Create the visual connection with big, realistic HERO images

It is time to do away with stock photography that create the impression of being ‘all perfect’ with men in suits or women sporting a perfect smile and promising to offer complete solutions with no hiccups at all. In 2016, let’s face it that if you are willing to crack the success code, you can’t play it right with cheesy and fake stock photography. It’s time to update and upgrade and make an humanistic impression with the right use of big ‘hero’ images, in other words, high-resolution, big background images that say al lot visually, but with less content written on it.

It is all about improving UX (User Experience) and anyone landing on a website would love to check out full-width, genuine photos. So HD hero images can do a lot for you in pulling traffic, cutting down on the bounce rate of your website! No need to worry about slow loading problems- as data compression techniques and progresses in the field of bandwidth management has made things a lot simpler. Websites are known for their storytelling power and it can be injected well with video backgrounds, which is the latest trend catching on and tickling the fancy of web designers.

Material design scores over the much-hyped flat design

Did you feel that there is no comparison of the flat design craze that is appealing to the web masters and designers alike? Well, then get heard! Welcome the magic of the interplay of light and shadows on your web design in grid-based layouts as it offers the ‘X’ factor to your website. Google has pushed forth the in-demand material design and for a sleek and engaging interface, this is the ultimate solution in your hand. Whether you are a web designer flipping through these lines or a webmaster who will be briefing your chosen designer tomorrow, focus on material design for your website. The virtual connection that you feel with the materials layered on the web page offering prompt responses on mouse movement and tapping while offering consistency throughout, you can’t ask for more. It takes the best features from skeuomorphic and flat design and presents to you a real world of digital elements.

Do not play too much with typography

It is true that in order to grab eyeballs and ensure higher time spending of a user on a website you need to be smart in choosing the right fonts. Don’t go for too much fonts at one go and in 2016, the trend that is buzzing when it comes to choosing fonts is the calligraphic font that exhibit the artistic essence with great impact. Humanizing a brand or adding that personal touch works great when it is about reaching out and connecting to your target audience, so let calligraphic fonts with its humane quotient embedded appeal and doing the trick for you.

Cash on the personal branding trend

With too many website jostling with each other to make a mark in the same niche, in 2016, the trend of personal branding is scaling the popularity chart. As the owner, you want to make your brand create a buzz, so why not add that face to your business and be capped with a distinctive tag? A nice profile photo with small text can work wonders as banner, so spare a thought about it when you are designing a website. Reach out, connect directly, leave a mark of your authenticity and genuineness and make the smart business move of streamlining your business vision and mission in a harmonizing way with such a slide. Having a human face speak or talk about his/her own brand cements that trust factor with the users in a much agreeable way, stopping people to have different opinions about your business.

Mobile-friendly website design: It’s here to stay!

When the web giant Google rolls out something, it got to be paid heed to and that is what happened last year in April, 2015 when Mobilegedoon created quite a buzz and the need for mobile-friendly sites was felt than ever before. Mobile search results are important in building the credibility for a brand and you cannot differ from it. From improving user experience, grabbing the attention of the user landing on the website and making him/her to spend increased time to faster website loading, it has a gamut of advantages. When Google says it, you better do it as your marketing efforts are going to get paid off in a bigger way. Mobile websites are quintessential if your business wants to build its customer base and push sales. Staying ahead of the competition, earning higher ROI with a mobile optimized website can complete your business goals, giving those the right fruition. Check out these two facts and hog the ample benefits of a mobile website. Just a second’s delay in page response can give a hard blow to the conversion rate, reducing it by 7%. Another instance, if an e-commerce business is earning $100,000 a day, just 1 second’s delay in page response can plummet down its sales number by an unimaginable margin of 2.5 million, every year!Since you are armed with these latest web design trends, play your cards right and make the best move!